Saturday, May 26, 2012

Having Fun With Writing

Writing is fun. Let's just say it; making up stories is something most of us like to do when we're little. To do it as an adult and to have other people read these stories is a childhood dream come true. It is for me. I love most of the aspects of writing a book. Creating a setting, characters, plots. Twisting things so they come out the way you want them to. Mysteries are a way of making things come out the way they're supposed to -- the good guys always win and all that. Your characters always have the right comeback in a tense situation; because the situation isn't tense for you as a writer. You can take your time and formulate the words that fit the scene without having to do it off the cuff.

In my lastest cozy mystery Lethal Prescription, I had a lot of fun writing about the latest adventure of Maeve Haile and Kate Hanson. The characters are near and dear to my heart because they are based on the women I have known through my life and the depth of the friendships we have shared. Maeve and Kate share such a friendship, along with their love of Nancy Drew, which is what spurred them into the practice of solving crimes in their hometown. They argue, they laugh, they support each other, listen to each others problems and concerns, and know that no matter what they have each other's backs. Isn't that what we all wish for?

One of the most fun parts of writing this book was the character names.  Giving names to the people in my books is difficult for me. I constantly change the names, meddle with them, update them and wish I liked them better. I named one character and loved it, only to realize a few weeks later that I'd used the name of a character from an old television show I used to watch. Hah! And I thought I'd dreamed it up all on my own.

This book needed quite a few names; some for characters who participated in the story, and some for characters who were used as part of background. At first I struggled with it all, and then I came up with the idea of asking my women friends if they would give me permission to use their names. Many did, and I used them in the book. It was fun to use the names of these women who've befriended me and given their support with my writing. We even had a little fun with it all when one friend said I could use her name but she didn't want to be killed in my book. Of course, she was a victim! We even had a moment of silence for her passing, all in jest with a great deal of humor. I so love and appreciate my friends.

As they read this book I hope they enjoy seeing their names and have fun with it as much as I did. I hope you do too.

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