Thursday, May 3, 2012

The New Book is Coming!

My new Maeve and Kate Mystery is coming out May 21st, and here is a brief synopsis of their new adventure. If you are interested in catching up on their previous stories, you can find them on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle apps.

Their first mystery is What Would Nancy Do? which was followed by Emails: A Maeve and Kate Mini-Mystery

This second novel is Lethal Prescription which is full of all the fun, excitement and suspense of their previous stories!


Best friends Maeve Haile and Kate Hanson are at it again! During a hospital stay Maeve meets Victoria Winters, a young nurse who reveals her concern about something taking place in the hospital. When she turns up dead and it’s discovered her roommate is one of Kate’s clients, the pair set out to unearth what is going on in their small town of Elkhorn.

Nurses, doctors and patients in their hometown and the surrounding area are involved in a drug scam involving prescription drugs ... or are they? As the two women uncover clues they wind up with more questions then they have answers for. Why was Victoria killed, and who is threatening her roommate? A second murder, a threat on Maeve and Kate’s life, and a frightening and intimidating street thug all add up to a mystery that has the friends racing to discover who’s behind it all before some else winds up dead!

I hope you have as much fun reading it as I had writing it!

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