Monday, June 11, 2012

A New Book Released, A New Book Started

This is a busy year for me. In May the second Maeve and Kate Mystery, Lethal Prescription, was released. A new romance, set at Christmas, has been finished and is being edited, and I started the third Maeve and Kate book. Whew!

I'm also working on getting the cover for the romance novel designed and made which is a lot more work than you might think. In addition to these two projects, I also started a new cozy mystery based on an idea my husband gave me. I have the first few chapters written but have put it on the back burner for the moment while I get working on Maeve and Kate. Sometimes I wish I didn't need to sleep or deal with household chores (laundry, shopping, cooking, etc.) so I could get all the writing done that I'd like to.

In the meantime I write as much as I can and get done what else I can as I can. I also have a hard time with the lovely weather we have this time of year. I so want to be outside playing than inside working, but then, who doesn't?

The good thing about this is that after writing two novels and one short story with these characters, Maeve and Kate are real to me. They have their own quirks, personalities and strengths and weaknesses. I really love spending time with them. I like Elkhorn and the people they know in their hometown. I like going to the Koffee Klatch and visiting with their friends there, and I sometimes with Pizza Station was real so I could take my family there too!

Yes, my writer's life is busy, but when you're fortunate, as I am, to do what you love, it's also a wonderful life!

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