Wednesday, October 12, 2011

It's Not a Race!

So many times we get into the mind set that we need to get our work done as quickly as possible. For some reason we seem to think speed adds to the value of what we're doing; that's its better if we get it done fast.  I've noticed this trend in most jobs incuding writing. If you're not in journalism, is speed really of the essence?

There's been a trend amongst authors who are extremely successful to get a book out every year. Since I don't work with or through a traditional publishing house I don't know how much of this is due to contractual concerns and the publisher wanting to strike while the iron is hot. But at what cost?

One well known mystery/detective writer was highly criticized for his last novel, which critics complained read like it was written on a plane as he flew to his destination. Other authors seems as if they start using a template, just change a few names and situations around, and main characters begin to feel stale and uninteresting in popular series.

So my question is: at what cost is this rush to publish getting us? A high cost for the readers.

Isn't it more important to write a quality story rather than just getting a book out there? Of course it is. We all of us as readers want the next installment from a writer we particularly like. However, it isn't worth being disappointed in the results when there's a rush to produce.

So whether you're a file clerk, an accountant, a proposal manager, cleaning your apartment or writing a novel, take your time.

Remember how your grandmother always said, a job worth doing is worth doing well?

She was right!

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