Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sitting in Time Out

I've been out of the blog-o-sphere for quite awhile now. My life has been fraught with ... well.... stuff. Now as summer is winding down I'm getting back into my writing groove. The thing that has been the most difficult is dealing with a serious case of what I thought was burnout or writer's block. I just read an interesting article in Psychology Today and I'm starting to think it wasn't burnout or writer's block at all.

Fear is the thing that professional writer Gene Perret says causes writer's block and burnout ( I have to agree with Mr. Perret. It is a terrifying thing to write a book and put it out there for people to read and critique. In addition I struggle with marketing my books; not sure of exactly what I'm doing there. And, quite frankly, I'd rather write!

But I think what happened to me this summer was a mild form of depression. I don't think it's too uncommon for writers. I mean look at the bios of Ernest Hemmingway, Sylvia Plath and Virginia Wolf. Writing can be gut wrenching. It is also deeply satisfying. Sometimes it feels very frustrating.

I have made too many promises to people to read/review books, to interview and post those interviews, and to help others with their writing. Sadly, not too many offer to reciprocate.  Writers, like all of us, need to pace themselves. Burnout is all too easy in any job, even if it's one you love.

I have a new book coming out this fall, and am working on a sequel to my cozy mystery. I know I need to work on marketing and selling my books, but I've decided to work on writing. For now, that's what I need to do. And hopefully my mojo will come back to me and this self-imposed time out will come to an end.

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