Friday, August 12, 2011

Modern Times

Vacation time is here! Er, no, I'm not going to Jamaica or anything as luxurious as that, I just liked this picture! My family and I are getting ready for vacation. The housesitter/dog watcher is all lined up and reservations are made and, of course, I have my reading material waiting for me.

Writers are generally people who love to read. That's why we become writers. Unfortunately as a writer, plus a wife and mother, there is not enough time for me to read all that I would like to. Vacation time, whether its spent at home or on a trip, is a time for me to get some serious reading in. In between the sightseeing trips, time in the pool, or picnics, I like to read. A friend of mine confessed to me that when she and her husband went on a cruise not long ago, he spent the time in sports activities, seeing shows, hitting the buffets and the like while she sat in a deck chair with a cold drink and ... you guessed it! A long list of books. It was the perfect vacation for each of them.

But what my friend and I also have in common is that modern device: the e-reader. While it used to be that you could only bring a couple of books with you, or you had to hit a bookstore on your trip, you can now take a whole library with you! It's so great! I'm usually reading a couple of books at a time, and having an e-reader allows me to easily take all the books I'm interested in with me wherever I go and switch from one to another effortlessly.

I think ebooks are amazing anyway, but if you're a traveller, be it for pleasure or business, there can be no better way to go!

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