Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Are Your Thoughts on Book Clubs?

I've been a member of three different book clubs over the years.  For various reasons the clubs either disbanded, or I moved or lost interest in them.  For me, the best part of the club was discovering authors I wasn't familiar with.  It's where I first found some of the writers I anxiously await new releases from to this day. 

The discussions were usually lively and informative as well, helping me to see various points of view of the book we were reading.  Sometimes a different perspective helps enrich the story.

As a writer, how do you feel about book clubs?  Do you find they help your readership or does it make no difference?  How do you feel about visiting book clubs and talking to readers face to face? 

I am just starting my journey as a published author so this has not been my experience yet, but I would think it would be an interesting and exhilirating opportunity to talk with people who have read what I've written.  I'd love to know.... am I on the right track with my writing or am I off base?  As a reader, I would love to meet with a writer and see what was behind the story they were telling in the book? 

So for me, as both a reader and a writer, I would say that I love book clubs.  I hope I get the opportunity to visit one or be in one again sometime.

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