Monday, December 6, 2010

Let It Be

I read an article a week or so ago that said if you are trying to lose weight and get on the scale every day that you will most likely gain weight.  The reason being that your mind will sabotage you.  I have discovered that has been true for me as a writer as well.

When my book was first published I was checking the stats every single day.  Now granted, with only one book out there on the market I'm not getting the exposure as if I had a dozen, but it was moving very slowly.  After about a month of this little game, I gave it up.

And guess what?  Just like with the dieters who get on the scale once or twice a month, I started selling more books!  I don't really believe that it's because I quit checking every day, but it did help my emotional state, and that was certainly a good thing.

So my new advice to us newbies out there, leave it alone!  Market your book, get the word out, but don't keep checking how it's doing.  Let it be.

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