Friday, November 5, 2010

Authors Helping Authors

Recently Joe Konrath had a post on his blog about authors supporting each other.  His main point, and one with which I whole heartedly agree is that this isn't a competition.  Amen, Mr. Konrath.

One of the things that is so marvelous about the world we live in is diversity.  I love that we all have different tastes, different ideas, different interests.  Nowhere is that more evident than in literature.  Look at the varieties of genres we have out there!  Romance, historical fiction, suspense, horror, memoir, picture books, fantasy, chick lit, and on and on and on.  There is room for us all.

On top of that consider how long it takes to write a book versus reading one.  If a reader only read one author they wouldn't read much. 

So why shouldn't we support each other in our efforts?  I know some authors think they'll hurt their chances of being successful if they promote someone other than themselves, but that isn't true.  I've met some amazing people through the social networking I've been doing for my writing, and I love to see them achieve their goals too.  It's exciting!

I did my first author interview on my blog this week.  It was one of the best experiences I've had getting to know her, and as an added bonus I have a new author that I like!  I intend to do more interviews, and hopefully I'll get better at asking more pertinent questions and exposing some of these writers to others.  I click the "share" button on facebook to allow those I'm connecting with to learn about the writers I'm meeting, and I "tweet" about them when I find something to share that I think will get them noticed. 

I would like to think that other writers would do the same for me, but I'm not that naive.  Hopefully it'll happen.  We can all support and help each other.  Because, really, there's more than enough room for us all.

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