Thursday, September 9, 2010

How Does It Feel?

The news on my book this week is that it is now being offered on the Barnes and Noble website (  When I posted this news earlier a friend asked me, "How does it feel to see your dreams coming true?"

Interesting question.  I'm not sure.  As I talked about in my previous blog post it doesn't quite feel .... "legit" is the only word I can think of.  I guess that to me a book is something tangible that you can see and feel and hold in your hands.  An e-book, while I like them, is a big adjustment for me. 

So I guess the real answer to that question is "unreal."  It is a dream come true.  People are reading my book!  People are reading the accompanying story!  I mean, as a writer can it get any better than that?

The thing is though, if I saw someone sitting on the beach with their e-reader I wouldn't know by the cover that they are reading my book.    But I can believe they are!

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