Saturday, August 7, 2010

Now Available!

My ebook, WHAT WOULD NANCY DO? is now available on! I am so excited to be able to make this announcement which has been a long time in coming. Within a few weeks you will also be able to find it on, and others.

WHAT WOULD NANCY DO? is the story of Maeve Haile and Kate Hanson who have been friends for over forty years. Having met in junior high the two quickly discovered a mutual love and admiration for the girl detective Nancy Drew. It was the cement that bound them and now, all these years later, they fondly remember the heroine.

When a woman is killed in front of them and the detective assigned to the case dismisses it as a gang related murder, the two friends decide to tackle the case asking themselves "what would Nancy do?" as their guiding force.

A stay-at-home wife and mother Maeve volunteers at the library with their former high school teacher who helps them with research and advice. Kate, a therapist, runs court appointed anger management classes giving her access to the detective in charge. Together they use all their resources to delve into the woman's life and family to discover secrets, sibling rivalries and deeply rooted resentments that convince them the woman's death was not random act of violence.

More shootings around their small town convince them they are on the right track while they hurry to put the pieces together. As they deal with all of this, one of Kate's court enforced clients seems to be of the notion that she is the one standing in the way of his success, and continues to interfere in their investigation and frightens Maeve with his confrontations.

With their lives at stake, Maeve and Kate learn they can rely on each other in ways their friendship has never been tested before as they race to find the killer and turn him over to the police before he kills again.

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  1. The story really sounds very exciting and entertaining.
    I started to write a novel of suspense about a year ago (in German, as this is my native language). The setting is a small island in Thailand, in the Andaman Sea. I was inspired to write that book when I spent 5 days on that island last year in August. As it was low season and very rough weather conditions at that time, my partner and I were almost alone there, there was only a very small number of other tourists. The staff played opera arias or Norah Jones and Sade the whole day which contributed to the strange and somehow a bit "spooky" atmosphere there. Some "stranded" fisherman from Burma, a guy from Hawaii living in the center of the island and the thick and dark jungle covering almost the whole island made the whole experience even more inspiring for me to finally start a novel. Due to being not so well healthwise and due to a lack of time I had to stop writing in January, being only on page 25. But I so hope I can continue soon and would be happy about any kind of encouragement I could get :-)
    Greetings from Germany,