Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Joining the 21st Century

Since I'm preparing myself to self-publish my novel as an e-book, I decided it was prudent to be able to read an e-book myself and see how it is.  Today I downloaded the Kindle software onto my notebook computer and purchased my first electronic book.  I have to say, it's amazing!

Now, my notebook isn't as slim as a Kindle or other Book Reader, but it is certainly something I can take with me.  The idea of being able to carry an entire library with me is compelling.  Exciting times!


  1. If you want to know more about epublishing on Kindle, I did an extensive blog and checklist on the subject:

    I've been using Kindle for PC since it came out and it's now my favorite format for ebooks. I read on my laptop, but when I travel I have a mini laptop, which serves as a lightweight, compact computer and ereader in one.

  2. I have to confess that I didn't start reading ebooks until my mystery was published by Carina Press.
    Now? I am totally hooked. A 'real' book feels too cumbersome. I love the idea of taking dozens of books on holiday, all on a neat little gadget.
    I started on my iPhone and now read mainly on my iPad. Lol, the only downside is that it's too easy to download the books and spend far too much money.:)

  3. Yeah, buying books is so easy on Kindle. It usually takes LESS than 60 seconds! I've now got a little collection that I need to find time to read.