Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review: A Job from Hell

I guess I should state at the outset that my only previous experiences with paranormal romance was Twilight, which I really, really disliked. However when I was in junior high I was a big fan of Dark Shadows, which was a love story about a dreamy vampire too. So picking up A Job from Hell, the first book of Jayde Scott’s YA Ancient Legend series, was a big leap of faith for me and I can happily say it paid off.

A Job from Hell is the story of seventeen-year-old Amber who takes a summer job as the housekeeper in a Scottish estate as a way to earn money for college. Her boss is young, handsome and rich Aidan McAllister who also just happens to be a 500 year old vampire. Unable to deny that she feels an attraction for her employer, Amber soon finds herself in a situation that leaves her surrounded by all sorts of characters that she never knew, or believed, existed outside of the imagination.

When she stumbles into an ancient race and wins the prize, a supernatural power that everyone seems to want, Amber finds herself being stalked by paranormals from succubus, to shadows; and counting as her ally’s vampires and even the daughter of the devil himself.

There’s plenty of intrigue and subterfuge and the young heroine often finds herself wondering who, exactly. she can trust. The romance between Amber and Aidan is hot and heavy without being offensive and the two lovers exchange banter that is lively and entertaining.

One of my pet peeves in books is conversation that feels false. The characters say things that don’t feel true to the age or situation, or it feels stilted and unnatural. Ms. Scott’s narrative, told in first person from either Amber or Aidan’s point of view, is so good it feels as if they are standing in front of you telling you what happened.

I would call A Job from Hell a real page turner, except I read the ebook edition. I was caught up in it from the beginning and found myself charmed by this book in a way I wasn’t expecting.

I highly recommend this book. I know it’s billed as a YA novel, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it’s been a while since I was a young adult. Ms. Scott is an excellent writer, and I think I’ll be reading more of her work. Luckily book two will be released June 30th!

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