Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review: The Sex Club

Mysteries are my favorite types of books. It started when I picked up my first Nancy Drew book when I was nine and continues to this day. I like them all, cozies, police procedurals, private investigators, spy novels .... they all pull me in.

The Sex Club, by L.J. Sellers is one of the best I’ve read. Lucky for all of us who love mysteries it’s the first in a series which means there’s more to come. Happy for me!

Ripped from the headlines this story is sharp, current and well written. Seller’s hero is Detective Jackson of the Eugene, Oregon police department. He has a bad marriage behind him and custody of his 14-year-old daughter, and he’s a cop who is dogged in his determination to get to the truth.

When a Planned Parenthood clinic is bombed Jackson is called in to investigate. On the heels of the bombing a young girl, one of Jackson’s daughter’s friends, is found dead, and Jackson is off and running trying to solve the murder and wondering if there is some connection to the clinic bombing when it’s discovered that the young girl was sexually active.

One of the nurses at the clinic, Kera Kollmorgan, is privy to information about the dead girl and her friends who were part of a secret “sex club” that may be putting them all in danger.  She walks a fine line between wanting to help the police solve the case and honor the confidentiality of her patients. But Kera is also at peril when a religious zealot sees her as the prime enemy and preventing “God’s Work.”

As Jackson continues to track down leads and discovers secrets hidden everywhere, Kera is attacked and another body is found. Not knowing how far the killer will go he races to solve the case before any more girls are found murdered, or he can examine his new feelings for the pretty clinic nurse who may also be on the killer’s hit list.

I really enjoyed The Sex Club, and I have to confess when I was done I had to peek at the beginning of the next in the series (Secrets to Die For) to satisfy my curiosity about a couple of things. I’m looking forward to cracking that one open very soon, and encourage all mystery lovers to check out The Sex Club and read it too.  It's a great thing to find a series about a character you enjoy reading.  I hope L.J. Sellers writes for a long time!


  1. What a wonderful write-up! Thank you. Creating this series has been the gratifying work I've ever done. The fifth Jackson story, Dying for Justice, will be released in April, and I'm brainstorming the plot for the next one.

  2. Woo Hoo! Good news, more Jackson waiting for me to read. I'm so glad to hear it!