Friday, January 28, 2011

Launch of My New Book

My latest novel, In the Company of Women, has been released and is now for sale on Amazon and Smashwords . The cover was designed by Tara Kelley-Cruz (

When a group of women come together in a critical year in their lives, they learn that gratitude for what life does or doesn’t bring you, and friends both old and new can carry you through no matter what is thrown at you. Gillian faces a life threatening surgery; Nancy and her husband must deal with the hardest trial of their lives together; Joyce is forced to give up her most precious dream and take up a new and more powerful one; Emma discovers she has something that can change not only her life but her community’s; and Nancy’s daughter Jane is given a chance to share a long held secret and learns, along with the others, how forgiveness’ embrace can give you a new life. They are stories all women can relate to.

Ultimately they all discover that when things do not turn out the way you want they can turn out to be what you need. These women take life head on and know as long as they have each other it is possible to triumph over it all.

In the Company of Women explores the strength of friendship, the gift of gratitude, the power of forgiveness and how a group of women can change themselves and those around them.

Please feel free to check it out at one of the above listed websites. Smashwords will allow you to download the first 20% of the book for a free preview. And let me know what you think!

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  1. It sounds wonderful. Lots of luck with it.

    I love the cover, by the way.