Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Back to Work

The New Year is here!  After a couple of weeks off for a trip to visit with family and friends, I have logged myself back online and am ready to get to work.  I am committed to making 2011 a more productive year as far as my writing is concerned and it starts right now!

While I was in California I met with a friend who is a Registered Nurse.  She allowed me to interview her and pick her brain and it was invaluable.  I've been a bit nervous about interviewing different experts for my books, but have found that most people are very interested in helping.  Seeking and getting information from people who know more about the subject than yourself is so important to keeping the truth in your writing.

Now I am off to type up my notes and to make a brief outline of how I plan to use the information gleaned from the interview.  I'm very excited to get writing with it!

Which comes to my next big change.  I used to write whenever and wherever the opportunity would present itself.  This year, however, I plan to start a regular schedule of writing.  I've discovered I'm best in the morning when I'm fresh.  That's the time to strike!  Mornings are for writing this year.  Afternoons for editing, reviewing, research, whatever, as well as all the tasks that need attending to in my home and with my family.  I have a book coming out the end of this month to finish getting ready, and a new book about 1/3 done, one completed novel to edit and rewrite, and an outline for two new books waiting for me to tackle.  That doesn't include all the blogging and social networking that go along with all that.

2011 promises to be a busy, full and exciting year.  Hope you're along for the ride!

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