Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cover Story

Getting a manuscript ready to self-publish as an e-book is a LOT of work!  Getting it edited, working on revisions, polishing it up, and now finding a cover for it.  I need to get/make/hire someone to make a digital cover for my book so that potential readers will have something to focus on.

Any suggestions?  What have you done for your novel?  Did you create it yourself using a software program, or did you hire someone to create it for you?  I am really stumped by this one. 

If anyone out there knows a graphic artist who would like to work with me on creating a snazzy cover for my novel in exchange for free exposure and publicity, please contact me at the listed email address.

I have lots of ideas, but no artistic talent.  I would love to work with someone to create something fun that will benefit us both.

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